Flush it Friday: Does Enjoying Card Games Mean You’re OLde??


First off, GRATZ, if you’re reading this, you can now dance on the grave of 2020. With that out of the way, I have a confession to make: I think I’m addicted to digital card games. It started with Slay the Spire, but I’ve since picked up Monster Train, Griftlands, and most recently the Steam version of Wingspan (shoutout to the Discord boi, Hazy for the rec!) Learning about birbs, strategizing, a serene acoustic soundtrack, and near-infinite replayability—what else could I ask for?

In the spirit of staying connected, I’ve been considering starting up / remaking a TovH Steam group. Would any of y’all be interested? Let me know in the comments after you glean some goodies from the TovH fam this week:

Sepulcrustacean dropped a 666 pound cake of sweet melodic merol on us:

Cold Steel Dawn – Onslaught from the Unknown

Our newest contributor, Sean Ghoulson (say hi!) served up an entrée of Antre:

Review: Antre – Dark Spectrum

The Boiz said sayonara to a truly cursed year:

Toilet Radio 282 – So Long, Stink Year

365 (with the assist from Hans) lassoed some horrendous shid for your eyes:

The Worst Album Art Of 2020

G/B/Us please, and if you’re feeling really generous, let us know how your NYE went (I expect such exciting things as “at home,” “pajamas,” and “beer”)!

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