Toilet ov Hell Best of 2016: The Spotify Playlist


We did things a little differently this year to make the playlist more enjoyable. Come check out (almost) all the favorites from the year in one place.

Last year’s playlist landed somewhere around 160 hours of music, which I am pretty sure would take you an entire year to finish (the math checks out, trust me). This year, I whittled it down to just under 14 hours, which is still massive, but after skipping a few that you know you don’t like, you can get through it in no time. How did I do this, you ask? Most of the writers listed a song for you to check out, so I just used that song instead of the whole album. If the author didn’t list a song, I let Spotify tell me what the most played song was and just went with that one. Also, I limited each band to two songs max, sorry Ihsahn and Vektor.

So how do you get to this thing?

  • Easiest way is to open up the app and search for our account “Terlet O’Heck” or the playlist “Toilet of Hell Best of 2016”
  • Or click here to open it up in your browser
  • Or the worst way, because the functionality is limited, this embed:

Of course, many bands choose not to be on Spotify, so be sure to check out some toilet favorites like Disemballerina, Skáphe, Howls of Ebb, Stench Price, Mesarthim, Somnus Aeternus, Crator, Eternal Champion, Wastëland Riders, Maeth, and probably a few more.

Also, this playlist does not include our guest lists, so be sure to check out those as well.

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