Toilet ov Hell Radio Ep. 12: You’ve Got Stupid Questions, We’ve Got Stupid Answers


On this edition of Toilet ov Hell Radio we’re answering all the questions you submitted, wishing Varg and Pantera had never existed, and playing exciting new jams from Bat, Gutter Instinct, Condition Critical, Dark Ministry, and Manon Meurt.

Music featured on this program:

BAT – “Wings of Chains” from Wings of Chains (Bandcamp)(Facebook)
Gutter Instinct – “Age of the Fanatics” from Age of the Fanatics (Bandcamp)(Facebook)(Mini-Review)
Condition Critical – “Voluntary Disfigurement” from Extermination Plan (Listen)(Buy)(Facebook)(Mini-Review)
Dark Ministry – “Blood Driven” from their upcoming The Sermon Begins EP (Soundcloud)(Facebook)
Manon Meurt – “To Forget” from Manon Meurt EP (Bandcamp)(Facebook)

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