The Monday Press: Exmortus, Nails, Sodom, and More!


It’s Monday again. I learned a lot this weekend. Information might be able to “escape” black holes, I am not very good at Rocket League but it’s still fun as hell, and of course, all this news!

Holy Grail, Exmortus, and Spellcaster are touring starting in July.
Exmort Tour

There’s a little to be excited about, and a lot to be really really upset about at this year’s Aftershock Festival in Sacramento.


The second song off of Kayo Dot’s next album is out, take a listen below and preorder here before the June 24th release. I think it’s super interesting and the production sounds excellent, but maybe just a little boring?

Psalm Zero (I always type Pslam for some reason) have a new track streaming over at Spin. I think they are starting to merge with Kayo Dot, in terms of both sound and promo pictures.
Kayo Zero

You Will Never Be One Of Us, gooble gobble gooble gobble, one of us. Nails are streaming a new song.

  • Instrumental prog band If These Trees Could Talk are touring the US and a touch of Canada to support their new album, check out the dates.
  • Sodom announced that their new album Decision Day, a D-Day themed thrash metal concept, will be out on August 26th. More information on their Fbook.
  • Russian Circles had to cancel a few shows because one member was in a head-on car collision; luckily there will be no long term issues.
  • Dark Tranquility fans should head over to their facebook video page for a bunch of clips of them recording their new album.
  • Sludge band Fistula are streaming a new track off their upcoming album at Decibel.
  • Brazilian black metallers Grave Desecrator are streaming their full album on their bandcamp prior to the July 1st release.
  • Moonsorrow’s Tulimyesky EP is being pressed onto vinyl for the first time, and will be released on June 23rd.

What did I miss?

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