Flush it Friday: A Sincere Thanks (and the Weekly Wipe)


It is Friday, my dudes.

Yesterday afternoon I put up a Patreon to help cover some of my site costs. In just 24 hours, 35 of you have generously pledged your support and we’ve already blown past my initial goal of just getting Toilet ov Hell’s bills covered. I’m deeply humbled by your contributions. For months I’ve struggled with the concept of even asking for help with this. Thank you, so, so much for your support. This means the world to me. With the bills paid, I plan to share proceeds with TovH’s writers and editors so that they can be compensated for all of the hard ass work they put in every week.

And I will not let you go empty handed. I’ve been preparing some extremely dope rewards. Premium subscribers will get badass cassettes prepared with love and extremely dank metal. Podcast subscribers will get exclusive episodes with the best jokes me, 365, and Brenocide can write. Digital playlist subscribers can expect rap airhorns. Lots of rap airhorns. It’s all going to be rad as fuck and I’m glad that you want to be a part of it.

FINALLY, I’d like to remind you to vote for the Sexiest Dude in Metal. Polls close tomorrow and your vote will decide who takes home the crown.

Thank you for readership and financial support of this particular iToilet. We’ll see you tomorrow.

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