Toilet Radio dissects the Patreon screwjob


On this thrilling episode of Toilet Radio, your hosts Joe, 365, and Brenocide are going off half-cocked and belligerent. First, we’re talking about Josh Homme’s recent meltdown opening up for Muse, then we’re talking about our extremely stupid Striborg beef, then we’re discussing Al Jourgensen’s latest ill-advised entry into politically-driven music. BUT MOSTLY we’re diving deep into the numbers of Patreon’s trumped up fee structure. Like Icarus, this rising star of Silicon Valley is flying too close to the sun on wings made of wax to better fulfill terms for investors. The rich will get richer and the poor can go get fucked; we’ll show you how it’s going down. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll get mad as hell with this very special ‘sode.

Music featured on this program:
Nightfear – “The Blade” from Cryptasm (Bandcamp)

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