The Toilet ov Hell Winter Storm Juno Playlist


If you live in the northeast United States, Winter Storm Juno is currently in the process of fucking up your shit. You’re nips-deep in snow and all sorts of things are cancelling and shutting down due to what might be one of the largest blizzards in the recorded history of the northeast. At least that’s what I hear. Here in the southwest, I’m just watching the hour-by-hour tracking on because I have no semblance of a life and going, “man… that pretty well sucks.” Since I don’t have to rush to the store and stock up on canned foods, I figured I’d compile this topic-appropriate playlist designed by myself and various other ToH writers. This was all 365 Days of Horror’s idea, so you can thank him for this opportunity to wait out the storm as a non-poser. Blast it. Annoy the hell out of whoever’s locked away with you. Remember – eat the weak first.

Get to it!

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