Riff Of The Week: Best ov 2019 So Far…


Half the year has gone, what riffgifts has it bestowed?

Before we get to your faves of the 2019 so far, let’s take a look at the results from last week’s Video Game Title Edition. In a three-way showdown, Harsh Realm‘s ‘Portal’ clinched victory over Firelink (37% and 33% respectively).

Today we’re showcasing some of your fave riffs released in 2019 so far,
here’s what you sent in…

Positronic Brain
Spirit Adrift – “Angel & Abyss” (Riff @ 3:56)

The ‘rift get all Jake E. Lee on this one. Cool video too.

Enemy Of The Sun
A Novelist – His Kingdom Is Vast (Riff @ 1:20)

I’ve said this before: tech death bores me to death. Sure, endless sweep picking is certainly impressive, but not when is used as a substitute for actual songwriting. That’s why it is a cause for celebration when a band like A Novelist comes along. Yes, there are plenty of the tweedle diddles and toodle doodles mandatory of tech death to be found here, but these boys aren’t afraid to lay down a simple, straightforward and extremely enjoyable riff like the one at 1:20 on “His Kingdom Is Vast.” Technical solos may sound cool on first listen, but this is always the kind of stuff I find myself going back to on a record.

Lunar Shadow – ‘Hawk Of The Hills’ (Riff @ 3:53)

This whole album’s been kicking my ass for a week. Hard to pick just one track, but killer riff on this one begins at 3:53.

Howard Deanzig
Ares Kingdom – “Iconologia” (Riff @ 0:22)

This is my third choice for a first half of 2019 riff, but that doesn’t make it any less gnarly. Ares Kingdom is fucking awesome. Probably one of the most underrated death metal bands ever. Birthed from the dissolution of Order from Chaos, Ares Kingdom has never made a bad album, and their most recent effort didn’t break the streak. These dudes know how to riff.

Brock Samson
Kaleikr – ‘Of Unbearable Longing’ (Riff @ 1:52)

I initially thought about submitting a riff from the new Suffering Hour, but then I decided to choose a release I don’t think has received enough love this year. Heart of Lead by Kaleikr has been played constantly by me after my first listen and there is so many goodies this release provides the listener. Play at 1:52.

Iron Goddess of Mercy
Malignant Altar – “Nephilim Burial” (Riff @ 4:47)

Choosing just one riff from this malodorous EP of wall-to-wall neck-snappers has been agonizingly blissful. Ultimately, I’m going with *Retribution of Jealous Gods*’s final spine-shanker because of its sheer irresponsibility. You can’t just go around slappin’ those sinister synths on top of such an ignorant breakdown. There are rules, god damn it.

IATO – ‘IATO’ (Riff @ 2:47)

Some nice spaghetti metal.

Inculter – ‘Impending Doom’ (Riff @ 0:00)

Really spoilt for choice so far this year, across multiple sub-genres too. However, seeing as though there’s nobody else is repping the thrash side of things here I took it upon myself to shred face with a ripper from the most consistently impressive thrash record I’ve heard in a good few years.

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