Toilet Radio 216: GWAR is back! In comic book form!


And now, a show in two parts. PART ONE: the good boys are talkin’: Nuclear War Now! Forum, RIP! NWN! / Spoilers for movies that dropped 30 years ago / We, as a culture, have not bullied Nergal enough. PART TWO: I’m chatting with comic artist Jeff Martin! We discuss his latest work on GWAR: The Enormogantic Fail, a graphic novel best described as Rashomon but incredibly dumb. We’re talking about his work on the project, the problems with comic distribution, how to DIY a career in art, getting grants from the Canadian government, a fun game of compare/contrast with American vs Canadian politics, and the awful banality of having to work a damn job. Pick up the new GWAR comic, go follow Jeff on Twitter, and then go read Jeff’s webcomics like Hell Inc, Heat: The Space Age of Pro Wrestling, and Rent-A-Thug. It’s a good one, folks. Interview starts at 29:42.

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