Flush It Friday: Post-Vacation Blues


Long time no see! I’ve been on long-planned vacation following a series of unfortunate events here in Theostan. Coming back from a nice couple weeks abroad is always kinda shiddy—even if you don’t feel the jetlag, you suddenly find yourself back in the familiar, including the familiar stupid stuff you weren’t happy about before leaving. One of the specific bummers of returning from a clean, relatively sane EU country was being confronted with mountains of American litter all over my town. It was an apt visual metaphor for the experience of flying from a still-functioning society to one being held together by grocery-store-brand bandages.

But I digress! It’s Friday, meaning it’s time for a reprieve from the workaday world and the week’s refuse. While I look back at photos and wish I were off in a foreign land, take a peek below and revisit this week’s fecund flushings from the fine folks of the Toilet.

Jake echoed praise of Caustic Echoes‘ debut LP, explored Frozen Lands and avoided getting too corny about Kob’:

Review: Arkona – Kob’


The boiz at Toilet Radio were left touching cloth after Rob Halford’s antics in his autobiography, Confess:

Toilet Radio 443 – The Rob Halford Autobiography

Aaron gave undivided attention to Divide and Dissolve:

Review: Divide And Dissolve – Systemic

And Gage took a big sniff of Snuffed on Sight:

Review: Snuffed on Sight – Smoke

What’s G, B and in your world? Got any vacation plans? The comments below await your No. 1s and 2s.

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