Video Premiere: Eclipser – Cruel Is The Light To Thee


Heaven let your cruel light shine down.

From the ancient depths where long forgotten fears sleep comes Ottawa’s Eclipser. Their blackened death metal style tears and claws at your insides like a caged animal yearning to be free. That freedom comes in the form of a new music video for their song “Cruel Is The Light To Thee”. Vocalist Francesco Falsetto’s inhuman screech combined with the cavernous growls of guitarist/backup vocalist Ryan Menard create an overwhelming sense of panic and dread. Guitarist Christian Beaupre and bassist Seb Choquette shred and eviscerate their notes while drummer Chris Joyal constantly drives the chaos home. Gross but not without an odd sense of exquisiteness, they are unquestionably a force to be reckoned with by any fan of heavy and extreme music.

Light a black candle, stare into a mirror, say Eclipser three times, and press play on their new music video.

Eclipser’s album Pathos is out now via Noise Salvation Records. Fuck The Facts‘ Topon Das recorded, mixed, mastered, and released the album, so you know it’s good. Toss the band a like on Facebook and listen to the entire album on Bandcamp.

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