Album Premiere: SVNTH – Spring In Blue


As the mythical Tower of Babel crumbled, so too did the single, unified language of humanity—it was referred to as the “confusion of tongues,” the moment communication broke down between the people of the world. It’s typically described in a negative light, but in all honesty, how much less fulfilling would life be without Scottish accents? On their new album Spring In Blue, SVNTH sets out in hopes of bridging the rift of a jealous god, welding genres (and maybe even fan bases, if we’re feeling optimistic) into music that can appeal to all sensibilities, without sacrificing integrity (or intensity).

After a brief, stirring intro track, “Erasing Gods’ Towers” begins with twanging slide guitars that call to mind Western soundtracks at their most minimal. Before long, lumbering doom riffs arrive to crush the tumbleweeds beneath boots of hardened leather. (Think Cormorant taking a birdbath with Ennio Morricone.) As disparate influences flow into these lengthy tracks (besides the intro, only one of the 6 songs clocks in under 11 minutes), the band’s mastery of breathing room becomes evident: black metal shrieks and blastbeats erupt from the calm, but rather than bludgeoning listeners with track-length walls of sound, these sections recede after a quick stirring of blood. We’re left wanting more (and will get our wish), but the lush, nostalgic shoegaze of tracks like “Wings of the Ark” and “Sons of Melancholia” sounds so much sweeter after the chaos.

Spring In Blue contains myriad influences without trying to be everything at once; it moves with the weight of the iron horse but encourages a look at the beautiful scenery passing by; it celebrates diversity through the wealth of emotions experienced during an ambitious journey. SVNTH has created something special here—a single sound from many mouths.

Spring In Blue is out August 28th. You can pre-order it here from Transcending Records and connect with the band on Facebook.

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