Toilet Radio 281 – Mary Crimbo


It’s Christmastime. Your boys are bullshitting about the various complications this particular holiday in a year of plague. Joe and Breno are hypocrites but at least Breno got his wife a tarantula. We’re talking about crimbo movies that are actually pretty fucking siqqqq, people in countries that aren’t the US that listen to us for some reason, metal Xmas records pt. VIII, Do They Know It’s Christmas?, feeling totally unruffled by bad metal opinions, and a desperate need to see the shittiest local show we can imagine. Then we open some mf presents. Jordan always gets us the nicest shit. God we love Jordan. And we love you. I hope that you’re able to find some joy in this joyless time.

Music featured on this week’s show:
Raised By Owls Do They Know It’s Christmas

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