Flush it Friday: Whales Were Onto Something


Like it says in the title, the whales had the right idea: they spent some time as land mammals before saying “this ain’t it fam” and taking an 8 million-year trip back into the water. No traffic, no small talk, no playgrounds. Practically swimming in mana. When a whale wants to eat, it opens its mouth and gets a fresh seafood dinner caught in its baleen. When you want to eat, you have to go open a microwave and heat up some maximally-processed MSG balls for 4 minutes. Where did we go so wrong? Oh right, land.

Theophrastus Bombastus spoke Autumnal a e s t h e t i c with Noltem:

Interview: Noltem – Illusions in the Wake

Hans premiered some Prehistoriffs:

Premiere: Carnotaurus – Jagged Toothed Jaws of Primordial Carnage

GoatForest is back for that Fall sad-/mad-boi shid:

Doom and Gloom- Playing Catch-Up: Part 1

Eenzaamheid and Hans necro-necro-necro’d the Riff-Raff Podcast. Join them for this highly-anticipated 50th episode(!):

Riff Raff Podcast: [EP.50] THIRD FLUSH IS THE CHARM

Whale, whale, whale, would you look at the time…it’s G/B/U time.

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