Flush it Friday: A Feather Uncertain


Well folks, I did it again. I put in my two weeks notice, this time without the safety net of having another job lined up. The ground feels like jelly. Stable ground lies far off in the distance. Things are likely to get a lot weirder before settling into anything resembling structure, but I know there’s at least one good thing an owl can count on: the fatherh*cking Toilet ov Hell. This community has helped a lot of people through difficult times with friendship, (dare I say?) wisdom, and sometimes even metal music. Y’all are a gift. Keep being excellent to each other. Oh yeah, that metal stuff. There was some of that this week!

Spear unleashed more than just his archers in this big ol’ review:

Review: Unleash the Archers – Abyss

Uada listen to THA BOIZ roasting some awful black metal bands:

Toilet Radio 260 – Sturgis Bay Death Cult

Karhu slew Incantation with a big fat 2(/5):

Review: Incantation – Sect of Vile Divinities


Tech Death Thursday: Buried Realm – Embodiment of the Divine

Y’all got a WORST work experience story? Share it as the U in your G/B/U so we can commiserate together!

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