TMP: Úir, Krallice, Misery Index, and More!


Everyone around me is getting sick again. Come read the news, but don’t touch anything.

New stuff from Barshasketh.

The full new Misery Index track arrived.

Top hat metal by Vltimas (Dang ol David Vincent) released a new track.

Úir has some new black metal.

  • New Krallice EP popped up on Bandcamp.
  • Tyr announced an album and gave us a track. Album out March 8.
  • Ulthar are touring soon.
  • New Jinjer video and song.
  • New Integrity single.
  • New Dream Theater song and vid.
  • Over it All: not my attitude toward this country. It’s a new band with members from Lamb of God, Animals as Leaders, and others.
  • That crazy Fire in the Mountains fest in Wyoming has rad bands.
  • Another new Astronoid track is here.
  • New Downfall of Gaia, album out Feb 8.
  • Evergrey is still making music. News to me.
  • The End Machine is a new band with George Lynch, other guys from Dokken with the singer from Warrant.
  • Jesse Leach is taking a step back for his mental health.
  • Vio-lence doing 2 reunion shows.
  • Kamelot, Evergrey, Vision of Atlantis European tour.
  • Fit For An Autopsy, Venom Prison Euro tour.
  • Shining (the one that isn’t cancelled ), and Four Stroke Baron Euro tour.

Some real lolbuttz mixed in with some ok stuff too:

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