Tech Death Thursday


The first band I’m going to talk about today is a little band from Rome called Deceptionist.  I’ll be honest, the first thought I had when I heard their name was “oh great another djent band.”  To my pleasant surprise, they are much more than that: beyond talented and are dripping wet with potential.  The instrumentation is solid, but I think the vocals could use a little fine tuning. Regardless, these guys remind me of Spawn of Possession every single time I hear them.  Check out their EP, The Beginning:

If you dig it, you can name your price for it on their Bandcamp.  Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook.


Next up is Unhman, one of those bands that do their name justice. The vocals in this band are insane in the best possible way. The things he does with his voice are just… wow. Of course the instruments are incredibly spot on as well. They also feature ex-Cryptopsy guitarist Youri Raymond on vocals. Here’s a song from their self-titled album that should do a sufficient job of melting your face:

God damn! Those vocals right?  As one of the commenter’s said on that Youtube video: “How can you even enunciate “I’m walking but I’m going nowhere fast” while doing that gurgle thing??? It is AMAZING”.  You can check them out on their official website, Facebook, or Bandcamp.


Just to get this out of the way because I kind of like this band… just a bit… maybe: Archspire. It’s really hard for me to explain how much I love this band without foaming at the mouth like some rabid beast, so to put it simply: holy fuck those vocals, holy fuck those instruments, holy fuck Archspire. These guys released quite possibly the best tech-death album of the year. There’s currently a raging war going on in my head between this and Fallujah’s The Flesh Prevails.  Then again, Beyond Creation might have something to say about that. Anyway here is my current favorite song off of The Lucid Collective, which dropped earlier this year on Season of Mist:

Talk about an eargasm! I have heard talk that their drums sound odd and, while I agree, I think it fits their sound perfectly. Don’t forget to follow them on Facebook.



UPDATE: Emeth, who haven’t released anything for 6 years, premiered a new track titled “Aethyr” over at No Clean Singing. In the words of NCS writer Islander, the song is a “full-on blast furnace of howling death metal insanity, shot through weapons grade drumming, merciless riffs and ravenous vocal roaring”.  If that doesn’t pique your interest, I don’t know what will. So, your homework for today is to head on over there and check that shit out, because it’s a doozy!

Stay Tech! [Editor note: Nothing that has been said here during the past week has offended me more than these two words just did. —MSD]

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