Toilet Radio 392 – Grand Opening And Closing


This week on Toilet Radio:  The phenomenon of The Guy That Needs Attention at every single metal concert. What drives you to wear a piss-stained banana costume when you go out to Beer-y O’Whiskies for a Tuesday night show? / Talking about The Sword and suddenly feeling middle-aged. / Rare good news with The Black Dahlia Murder choosing to continue with Brian Eschbach moving over to vox and Ryan Knight rejoining the band / What is the funniest thing to happen in metal in the last 5 years? If we exclude anything related to Tim Lambesis it might be Vektor getting signed and dumped from Century Media within 24 hours / THE HALLOWEEN SPOOKTACULAR APPROACHES so watch Impetigore on Shudder / Wino: still alive for now! / $MEGA PT 2

Music featured on this week’s show:

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