Toilet Radio 398 – Body Melt (feat. Doktor Ross Sewage)


This week we’re joined by Doktor Ross Sewage of Exhumed and Ludicra to talk about the latest record from the former and the unexpected reunion shows of the latter. BUT MOSTLY we’re here to talk about BODY MELT, a 1993 Australian horror movie that doesn’t make a ton of narrative sense but DOES get extremely gooey. Join as we try to suss out the narrative thread, discuss the consumerist criticism it’s founded upon, and talk about the director’s twisted disco post-punk band. It’s a good one.

There’s only one episode left of this year’s October Spooktacular. If you wanna join in for the Patreon-subscriber-only bonus show, we’ll be watching Society (1989).

Music featured on this week’s show:
Exhumed – Carbonized

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