Toilet Radio 445 – Vanity Record Labels


On this week’s episode of Toilet Radio we’re talking about offshoot record labels! Sometimes a company decides what they really need is a vanity record label to push their product with music! Games Workshop, publishers of the Warhammer 40,000 universe of games and books and such, briefly had their own record label for hard rawk and heavy metal. GW, if you’re listening to us, please hire us to relaunch this label. We’ll make a mint. BUT ALSO, we’re talking about WWE Smackdown Records (feat. Atheist’s Kelly Shaefer), Nintendo releasing both Killer Cuts and White Knuckle Scorin’. Waffle House Records, MySpace Records, Starbucks Hear Music Records, and Scion A/V. RIP Scion A/V, no corporation will ever again waste so much money on the poor musicians making abrasive noise. Finally, we close the show with Hanna-Barbera Records which is DELIGHTFUL. 

Music featured on this ‘sode:
Rich Rags – Generation Bubblegum Hell

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