Track Premiere: IPCC – “Polar Regions”


As you read these words, Phoenix, AZ is experiencing its third consecutive week of 110-degree+ weather. Park rangers pose with temperature displays, smiles on their faces as century-old records are dashed, as if this is something exciting as opposed to cause for pants-shidding terror. Perhaps they just haven’t had a chance to flip through the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change’s Sixth Assessment Report yet. I bet that’s it! Thankfully, we have Peter H.’s IPCC project to break down each of the report’s 19 chapters into easily digestible audiobook form. Gather round, fellow lifeforms, for today we read from the 14th chapter in this exclusive premiere of “Polar Regions.”

Would it be eco-grind without a disturbing intro sample? It would not, and how stupid of you to ask. We seem to imagine coastal devastation as a sort of near-future dystopia, a 2030s problem maybe, but it’s here now, ripping vulnerable peoples and cultures from their roots. A rising tide of blackened riffs covers the land, carrying eviscerated icebergs that once supported a great diversity of life. Guest vocalist P’s (Fire To The Prisons) phlegmy rasp conveys a suitably acidified attitude, and in just under a minute of grinding blasts and distortion, the track flickers out. Without drastic change, we’ll all soon follow suit.

All proceeds from Impacts, Adaptation and Vulnerability will be donated to the Green Generation Initiative.

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