Toilet Radio DESTROYS Death Metal Underground


This is it, folks. You’ve never heard audio savagery quite like this. It’s cataclysmic. It’s apocalyptic. It’s the cruelest episode of Toilet Radio your boys have ever recorded. Buckle up and join the boys for a roller coaster ride of emotions as we OBLITERATE the soft-headed cretins at Death Metal Underground one last time. This is our final installment of thoroughly rinsing DMU and I assure it is our finest. Joe, 365 Days of Horror, and Brenocide present no mercy as they completely ruin their enemies on this, our most explicit show yet. Listeners discretion is STRONGLY advised for the scorched earth campaign contained within. Nothing will ever be the same after this episode. May god have mercy on your soul.

Music featured on this program:
A Pregnant Light – “Defenseless Receiver” from Devotion Unlaced (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Hell Fire – “Live Forever” from Free Again (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Down I Go – “Pandora” from Mortals (Facebook)(Bandcamp)


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