Flush It Friday: Let’s Drinkify, Bro


This weekend, let’s match our listening habits to our liquor cabinet(s).

Have you ever discovered a kickass new band or been jamming an old favorite, only to stop suddenly and worry thusly: “Wow this is awesome, but… I can’t really, truly enjoy this until I know what I should be drinking with it?” Me either! Nevertheless, behold the cure anyway: Drinkify.

Drinkify has been around for awhile now, and it will either A) match you with a perfect drink for what you’re currently listening to:

drinkify_corpseFuck yeah

B) match you with something that’s a little misguided:

drinkify_rushFuck no (the Bud Light, not Rush)

C) match you with something at random that has little to no bearing on what you entered:

drinkify_lustmordUh, fuck sure I guess

So head on over to Drinkify, enter what you’ve been listening to this week and share the drink recommendation in the comments below. Would you drink it? Would you throw it in somebody’s face? WE NEED TO KNOW, DAMMIT. And now, on to our regularly scheduled Friday time wasting.

– – – – – – – – – –

GOOD: I’ve been working on music more lately, as well as an album cover for a different band. It’s great having a bit more free time in the summer. Plus my tiny little town is having its July 4th celebration tomorrow, so I get twice the freedom. America.

BAD: My tiny little town is absolutely infested with mosquitoes thanks to Bergen levels of rain. Step outside and you’re exsanguinated within seconds. You either need to douse yourself with Off! or constantly flail your arms around like a stupid hXc dancer to get any relief.

UGLY: The face of a mosquito. May they fly straight to the hot bloody veins of hell, now and forever.

┼ ┼ ┼ Happy Friday ┼ ┼ ┼

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