Toilet Radio Nurses a Hangover with Municipal Waste


Tony Foresta of Municipal Waste and Iron Reagan join us on the show to discuss surefire hangover cures, leprechauns, Warped Tour, their new record, the “lost” Municipal Waste album, the mayor of Richmond, and how to stay in a band without killing your bandmates. It’s a killer interview, my dudes. And if that’s not enough show for you, our buddy Brenocide stops by to discuss the asinine trend of blog thinkpieces that claim metal is dead. Add in some truly dope music and this is gonna be the most entertaining hour of your week. IT’S A GOOD ONE.

Music featured on this program:
Municipal Waste – “Amateur Sketch” from Slime and Punishment (Facebook)(Purchase)
Vehementer – “Age of the D.E.M.O.N.A.N.T.” from Replenishment Circle (The Black Spectrumfest) (Facebook)(Bandcamp)

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