T(omb)M(old)P: Immortal Bird, Falls of Rauros, Cult of Luna, and More!


Horses or something. I don’t know. Mint booze? Here’s some metal news.

Get on this Immortal Bird.

Another new Abbath.

Another Abnormality.

Vale of Pnath, album out May 17.

  • Nerd shit from CHON.
  • New Employed to Serve.
  • Falls of Rauros have a new one coming. First track at Decibel.
  • Betraying the Martyrs, Entheos tour.
  • New Arch / Matheos.
  • Haken’s guitarist is doing a solo album with some Cynic and Dream Theater members.
  • New Full of Hell, Lingua Ignota track.
  • Melodeath dudes Solution .45 are coming back next year.
  • That Zealot R.I.P band I mentioned last week has a track.
  • New doom from Fistula.
  • Really good fest shaping up in Pittsburgh.
  • King Hobo (Clutch, ex-Opeth) is still my favorite new band name. New pretty solid rock track.
  • Benediction’s vocalist is leaving.
  • Did you check out the Baroness on the Adult Swim thing?
  • Cult of Luna might be releasing a track today?
  • Kirk Windstein is doing a solo record.
  • Baroness doing a bunch of in-store concerts.

And the rest (there’s probably good stuff in here, didn’t have time to sift):

Late-Night Lizard Addition:

There’s a new track from Professor Tom B. Mold online just now

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