Toilet ov Hell Radio Ep. 19: SIQQ RIFFS AND ANGRY NERDS


In this episode, Randall and Joe discuss being too old to party, pushing the limits of taste in art, and special guest 365 Days of Horror drops by to help us answer stupid questions. Come for the siqq riffs, stay for the witty repartee.

Music featured in this program:

Trap Them – “Hellionaires” from Crown Feral out September 23rd (Facebook)(Pre-order)
Blood Incantation – “Starspawn” from Starspawn out August 16th (Pre-order and Listen)
Sallow Moth – “Tower of Decadent Ice” from Moss Deceptiva (Facebook)(Bandcamp)
Dormant Ordeal – “Stoning” from We Had it Coming (Facebook)(Bandcamp)(Review)

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