Track Premiere: Monosphere – “Turing Test”


Monosphere was tagged in my mind as “one of those bands that might really do something” ever since I got to premiere one of their tracks almost exactly two years ago. Here they are again to prove me right. 

I’m thrilled to premiere the 5th and final single, “Turing Test” from their upcoming album Sentience. This one is a fairly straightforward heavy groove track that ends up being a nice point of stability after a genuinely ambitious, genre-spanning album. 

The track is a culminating moment in the story of an AI who breaks free of its constraints. To set the scene, they teamed up with Jim Grey of Caligula’s Horse to do the spoken word work to narrate a radio interview held by Alan Turing in 1951. After the atmospheric and haunting melody behind the spoken word intro, they show their skill with complex, chugging rhythms. A quick break for that final devastating spoken word line then leads into the explosive, heavily punctuated finale. 

Here’s what the band had to say about this track:

“Turing Test” is a very minimalistic track. We tried to focus on the groove aspect, as well as creating a very oppressive, almost claustrophobic atmosphere. The result might be the angriest song we’ve ever done and we’re more than happy to give it its limelight as the last single before the release of Sentience.

There’s not a ton of variety in this shorter track, but throughout Sentience, you can get touches of tech, prog, and post-metal. It’s an album that clearly has a lot of influences but creates something totally its own from all those puzzle pieces. Be sure to check it out on October 20th, and listen to the other available tracks now over at Bandcamp

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