The Infestation – Insignificance: A Video Breakdown


Сісти в калюжу.

Times are tough for the music video industry. We’ve been mostly reduced to lyric videos (boring), old live footage edited together (pretty boring), bands playing in empty venues (real boring) or split-screen quarantine videos of band members playing in their apartments (super mega ultra boring). With many Americans being incapable of staying home and wearing a mask when they must leave, it looks like this trend is going to continue for a while. Lucky for us, we have The Infestation.

The Ukrainian deathcore band has graced us with a new music video combining the wonders of green screen technology, memes, and bottle-shelf vodka. What wacky hijinks will ensue? Click play and let’s break it down.


Points for making a Ukrainian art director look exactly like what I would think a Ukrainian art director would look like.

When the homemade Spotykach finally hits.

Memes truly are an international language.

If they’re not careful they might accidentally start another Batushka.

This is what it’s like trying to follow drama on Metal Twitter.

Luckily Azazel will be too drunk to notice they’re in another band’s video.

I was hoping we’d get some Slav Squats.

Kazakhstan, greatest country in the world
All other countries are run by little girls
Kazakhstan, number one exporter of potassium
Other countries have inferior potassium

Crimea circa 2014.

The Infestation’s album Fractal Delusion is out now

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