Riff of the Week: 12-12-15


Handsome happy male bass guitarist sitting on the floor and playing on his bass guitar

LOL “happy” bass guitarist.

I’m gonna be honest with you, I totally forgot about this and now it’s 2 AM and I had to get out of bed so this is gonna be quick. It’s not like you care — the riffs are all still here. BUT, you need to read this next part because it is important.

Next week:

  • The long-awaited RIFF OF THE YEAR is here. Pick your favorite riff of 2015, and send it to toiletovhellriff@gmail.com to put it up against the best this year had to offer. Don’t blow it.
  • Include your name, a link to the video, the time of the riff, and an explanation.
  • If you have an idea for a theme, let me know.



In case you didn’t click this song while reading through my AOTY list, here’s another chance. The riff kicks off at the beginning, and is straight evul.



I know there is some love for Frank Carter around the bowl, although it probably only includes like five people tops. You should love him because the riff at 0:30 is so pissed off that it makes Gordon Ramsey look like a sissy, and activates every neck-muscle for headbanging.





Brock Samson

Just play it, how could you not enjoy it at least a little? Start at 26:43


Mother Shabubu

The new SikTh mini-album is chock full o’ riffs and SikThian goodness. It’s so hard to choose one, but the outro riff of “Under the Weeping Moon” has been rattling the confines of my skull since I first heard it. It brings the rawk and the groove, yet carries enough chugging power to crvsh dicks as well.



Them permutations in that opening riff. Its a riff about which you could say, “That’s a good riff.”



This is my favorite part of my favorite Abigor song. Abigor’s riffs got super techy later on, but sometimes simple is effective. Riff starts at 4:38. [Vote for this riff. — Masterlord]



Shrapnel Storm’s Mother War is easily one of the best death metal albums released all year. At around 1:10 on the title track there is a riff. There are riffs everywhere, but at that particular point is a riff that is my submission.



The riff starts at about 00:16. There’s nothing to add, Kreator are awesome.


Guacamole Jim

Cleric isn’t really a band who does many “riffs.” However, in the opening minutes of the opening track on their 2010 full-length, they bust out an absolutely massive riff. The motif begins at 1:51, but the riff proper kicks into full gear at 2:01.


Boss the Ross

Everyone has been talking about the 2015 album of the year for the past few weeks, but I’m looking ahead and already have my 2016 pick ready to go. Abbath’s self-titled solo release is set to be a riff heavy album and with the release of Count the Dead, Abbath shows us once again that he really is the man. Just listen to the riff at 1:49. Heavy fucking metal.



The riff that kicks off this ripper of a song always gets me pumped and ready to lift heavy. Listen to that distorted bass. That shit totally drives this riff, giving it a very compelling urgency and an ominous vibe. The entire Rust and Grief EP is totally tits and great for blasting in the gym. Jam this tune and “Wretched Hand” in the gym, and you’ll be raking in personal bests, looking astoundingly ripped, and impressing the womenfolk with your incredible postworkout vascularity in no time.



This new Aborted song fucking rips and 0:43 is proof of that.


Ted Nü-Djent 

I saw The Exploited last night so I’m going to go ahead and submit a riff from them, listen to the first 45 seconds for the riff. Some of you may recognise the riff from the Slayer/Ice T collaboration on the Judgement Night soundtrack.


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