Kamelot – Insomnia: A Video Breakdown


We Kam. We Kamelot.

I’ve previously lamented about music videos where nothing happens. It really makes you question if metal videos are relevant anymore. Other than keeping the empty warehouse business occupied, why bother making videos at all? Should bands just release still images with their music playing over them and call it a day? Wouldn’t that be just as effective? Maybe the money spent by labels on videos could be better utilized, I don’t know, actually paying the bands.

Like a shining sword plunging into the gleaming belly of a dragon comes Kamelot‘s new video for the song “Insomnia”. Surely a band of such pomp and/or circumstance would not let us down in the flavor department. Prepare thyselves!


0:03: Oh hai, Gattaca!
0:05: It’s good to see the fly from Korn‘s “Somebody Someone” video still getting work.
0:10: Flying Spaghetti Monster!
0:17: I thought Moonspell was a band obsessed with vampires.
0:21: The keyboard setup is great, but can it make boneless buffalo wings?
0:25: Is he supposed to look so rubbery? Is this The Mask 3?
0:32: All the green screens in the world can’t help that hair.
0:39: Power metal jazz hands.
0:44: Dear Diary: Kama-jackpot!
0:52: Yes, she does have a sister. A few, actually.
0:57: Whoa, you alright, buddy? You’ve got a whole nervous tick-thing going on.
1:03: Where’s the button on that thing that tells people your girlfriend lives in Canada?
1:10: *Kameloting intensifies*
1:14: Sorry, kid. It’s all downhill from here.
1:16: Oh, good. The Event Horizon is here.
1:21: “Poooooor quuuuuueeeeeeeeeee?!”
1:26: “I feel like a kid in some sort of trapped, possibly cybernetic, traumatized lady store.”
1:34: Plot twist: They all ask him to hold their purses while they try on shoes.
1:40: Weeeeee!
1:43: Someone give him something to bite down on before he chews through his tongue.
1:49: Bad touch! I need an adult!
1:54: The safety word is “Banana bread”.
2:02: He’s got more hand movements than an itchy magician.
2:08: Definitely has the swooping vampire arm-movements. Maybe he’s in Theatres des Vampires.
2:12: I wonder if he’s ever gotten strands of hair intertwined with the guitar strings.
2:15: Gasp! It’s that guy whom we’ve never seen before until this very moment!
2:21: Well now they’re just showing off.
2:26: I just want to fly. Put your mandibles around me, baby.
2:31: What a beautiful shade of shadow your eyes are.
2:41: Great, another Tron sequel.
2:46: Grrrr! Drums!
2:52: Invisible melons.
2:58: Friend-zoned again.
3:00: She’s percolating a fresh pot of coffee in her cheeks.
3:10: M’lady.
3:18: I appreciate the “crazy” hand gesture in time with “insanity”. Well played.
3:27: Scene shot from Tara Reid‘s perspective.
3:35: Someone didn’t learn “Don’t touch the stove” when they were younger.
3:40: Two’s a party, three’s a heavily-computerized and vague Kamelot video.

It was weird, but I’ll take something like that over a warehouse video. At least something happened. I don’t know what happened, but it certainly did indeed happen.

Kamelot’s new album Haven is out now via Napalm Records.

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