Video Premiere: The Mighty Fall – Let The Right One In


Unless they’re from West Warwick, then don’t let them in.

Providence, Rhode Island based kings of metalcore, The Mighty Fall, high on the release of their latest full length effort Filmed on Location, continue their promotion of the record with the upcoming music video to the track “Let The Right One In”. Filmed in the band’s basement, the D.I.Y ethic they practice and preach is on full display here. The camera work will make you feel one of two things, you`re either experiencing a chaotic live set or jamming in their practice area….. Or the band has trapped you in their basement and you’re fading in and out of consciousness. 

Featuring the hectic screams of Mike Carp, the palm muted pulverizing guitar duo of Andrew Antonucci, and Nick DeSimone, the group is rounded out by the rhythm section aka Zach squared; Zach Ruggiero on bass (and backing Vocals) and Zach Caruso behind the kit. The band’s tightness and energy is captured in full force and translates greatly to the screen. From a record with so many great cuts including “The World And Everyone In It”, “I Am Providence”, and “Hostage Of The Month”, the band made a great choice for constructing a video around “Let The Right One In”. 

For the song itself, I believe I said it best in my full review of the record- “Let The Right One In”, is short, thrashing and unrelenting (like my little cousins but way scarier and with breakdowns!). This track adds in extra doses of post hardcore and metalcore in a way that’s reminiscent of At The Drive-In. Definitely a standout. 

The band says:

The video was self produced by the band to keep with our DIY spirit along with recording the record in house – we built the set in my basement to try and capture the vibe of one of our shows shown through a blurry, drunk lens. It’s wild and claustrophobic to match the blast beat-y, chaotic feel of the song.

Without Further delay, Toilet Ov Hell is delighted to premiere The Mighty Fall’s video for “Let The Right One In”

FFO:  Every Time I Die, He Is Legend, Cancer Bats.

You can find more The Mighty Fall via Link Tree, Bandcamp, Instagram, Spotify, and YouTube.

For those interested in a synopsis of the Filmed On Location, read my review here.

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