It’s a Work-In-Progress!

It's bob.

Hi Friends. Welcome, and thanks for joining me today.

Toilet Ov Hell is a brand new baby blog and like any baby, it’s got a lot of growing up to do, mister. Here’s what you can expect over the next couple of days:

A. The Forum Ov Flush

For now, no registration is required. Feel free to get in there and talk some shit. I will be working hard over the next day or two to make some major upgrades to the system, including tons of features for registered forum members.

B. Mobile Commenting

I dun broke the mobile site. Right now, you can’t access comments from your mobile. Fixing this is a top priority.

C. New Posts

We’ve got a ton of great writers who can’t wait to post their stuff. Everyone will get an introduction to our system and we will soon post regular content. It’s gonna rule. In the meantime, posts will be a little sporadic.

Growth! Progress! Improvement!

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