Flush It Friday: Frost and Fire Hangover Edition


Hail, warriors!

It has been some time since our last meeting, but I have not forgotten you! I’ve received a lot more responsibility at work as of late, and my personal music projects and other hobbies have picked up in demand as well, which leaves me a lot less time to write with. I’m sure pretty soon I’ll have loads of pictures to share with you all of me running around in the woods with anachronistic leather, sunglasses, and swords, and hopefully some rad music to accompany it.

The tradition of Flush It Friday is to share about our recent life experiences, and I just had yet another year of the most poser crushing fest on the planet, Frost and Fire! For the posers out there who don’t already know, Frost and Fire is one of the best US fests for NWOBHM, trad heavy metal, and US power metal. If that makes no sense to you, and you don’t recognize any of the bands in the header image, then click here to get a taste of the magic we’re working with. I was stoked to be able to attend again this year, not only because of the incredible selection of talent playing, but also because of the extraordinary friendships I have built across the country with other giant dorks like me who worship old school metal.

First, have you dudes ever heard the insane conspiracy theories on the Denver airport? That place has some crazy art, imagery, and tunnels. Spend a few minutes on google and you will be down plenty of NWO Illuminati rabbit holes. It’s also now my favorite airport. I had a 5 hour layover in Denver, so I hit up a very good friend of mine to take me out for breakfast. She also ended up giving me her personal copy of her band’s new album, which is pretty much the best thing out this year. Seriously, go buy everything by Dreadnought now.

After another flight and a brutal 3 hour shuttle ride, I finally arrived in Ventura, CA. This is the ultimate city for a small fest. Everything is within walking distance, there’s loads of shops, bars, a goodwill for last minute flip flop shopping, beaches, piers, and venues. Outside of the fest, my friends and I spent loads of time celebrating with one another around the pool of our hotel and underneath the main pier. We had bluetooth speakers, so the music and drinks were flowing all day and all night long. I could write paragraphs about every person, how much I love them and why, but I will just leave this picture and move on. (that’s me in the pizza leggings on the right)

It’s hard to single out a specific band that was a favorite, considering how GOOD every single band on the lineup was. Other than one certain headliner on Thursday, every single band had a killer set. There weren’t any duds. Everyone just brought it all out all weekend long! If I absolutely had to pick favorites, it’d be Ashbury’s two hour set of originals and classic covers (seriously look at this setlist) and the back to back assault of Cirith Ungol and Manilla Road. To leave it at that would be a disservice to the rest of the bands. Raven, CageBewitcher, Substratum, Skelator, Spell, Amulet, Twisted Tower Dire, Walpyrgus, Savage Master all blew my mind as well. If I didn’t list a band, it’s not because I didn’t like them or they sucked, it’s just simply me being forgetful, because not a single band that I watched got on stage without an incredible stage presence and live energy. Most of those links go to the bands’ bandcamp pages, so you got a load of new stuff to check out if you haven’t heard these names before!

I got to hang with one of my hotel roommates and the dudes from Spell in the airport terminal for a bit, but after that, the trip home totally sucked. Saying goodbye to so many wonderful friends knowing it may be over a year until I see them again is the worst. I came home with the fest crud, so my days are nothing but work, then nyquil + sleep. I’ve got choir and a handful of shows I booked coming up (if you live within a couple hours of Charlotte, NC, hit me up!) Hopefully those will begin filling the void left by the love and joy a good music fest with friends.

I’d genuinely love to hear about your favorite fest experiences in the comments! Let’s share together. Talk about your week or fests or just call me a poser in the comments below!


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