Full Stream Alert: Storm Upon the Masses – The Ones Who Came Back


Oh my, do I have a treat for you on this [potentially] dreary Friday. You were just gonna goof off at work today anyways, might as well stream some excellent new death metal while you browse r/aww. I bet your co-workers are listening to Shinedown and Meghan Trainor… might as well turn your speakers up and make them overhear some good music for once. Culture them with some top shelf death metal by streaming Storm Upon the Masses‘ debut album The Ones Who Came Back right here:

Death metal is a genre that I can always come back to, no matter where my tastes are temporarily wandering to at any given time. Once I started getting into heavy metal it was always with a death-y flavor; Cannibal Corpse, Origin, and Dying Fetus were bands that I have enjoyed since day one and will always see live when they’re playing in town. I hope that when you pressed play on the embedded video that you thought of Origin like I did; Storm Upon the Masses utilize a vocal style similar to that of Jason Keyser from Origin and also incorporates a lot of stop-start riffs like the frenzied chaos of Paul Ryan. The extremely brutal nature of Hideous Divinity and Hour of Penance are captured perfectly on display with the riffs on this debut album. If the mention of any of those bands has made you salivate a little, you’re going to adore the sounds exiting your $15 computer speakers. Or roll down the windows of your car and crank these tunes for passers-by to enjoy.

The Ones Who Came Back is unrelenting abrasiveness from the first song until the last (with only one segue-like track towards the end). This kind of abrasiveness is one of the attributes that brings me back to the genre: I don’t need breaks to catch my breath, acoustic interludes are more often used by obligation, and ballads can fuck right off. These Belgian dudes (Limbergh is the province, which I would love to visit) must share the same penchant for brutality that I do. The best song on here happens to have the best name, “Skullfucked”: it goes faster than a V6 Altima from the get-go, incorporates one siqq guitar solo that sounds like a swarm of angry nanobots, and in the end it slows down to a Dying Fetus-like slam. All speed is immediately gained once track 5 “Savorless Sadistic Ritual” starts up.

(This is what I want death metal musicians to look like.)

Joe let us listen to “Rising Darkness” a few weeks ago and I loved it, so it is my pleasure to host the full stream here. This band could be considered the intersection of tech death, brutal, and groove; they reside in the midpoint on the sliding scale of each of those sub-genres. I can hear a little influence from all the bands which make constant rotation in my playlists, mainly Krisiun and Hour of Penance. Kick your Friday up a notch by jamming The Ones Who Came Back. Make sure your co-workers hear it, or people on the street if blasted from your car. A digital or physical copy can be purchased at BandCamp through Dolorem Records (ooooh, is this a new label I need to watch?), it comes out on March 23rd. I hope you like it as much as I do!

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