Flush it Friday: Purgatory Chaz M.


I’ll be traveling back to an old haunt this weekend: Purgatory Chasm. Yes, it’s a giant ass-crack in the earth possibly formed from floods and glaciers 14,000 years ago during the last Ice Age. Yes, it’s a great place to hike. Yes, you may run into any number of infernal denizens (and maybe even a cameo from Dante and Virgil as they make their way up towards Paradise). I’m a sucker for named geological formations, so “His Majesty’s Cave,” “Fat Man’s Misery,” and “The Devil’s Pulpit” rock my world.

It’s also a place close to my heart in that it’s tied directly to the first time I heard metal music. I was at Karate Camp one summer (don’t ask) and my sensei brought all of us to the chasm for a day-trip, and sitting in the back of his truck, I heard the hellish sounds of Rob Zombie‘s “Superbeast.” Together with all the Satanic titles at the chasm, this must’ve been the moment my soul sunk down into its present-day crevasse. I’m not complaining though, it ultimately led me here <3.

The Toilet Radio Spooktacular is back, BABY. Tha Boiz are talking out their axes with Professor Pizza of Axeslasher:

Toilet Radio 332 – Edge of the Axe (feat. Axeslasher)

Karhu enjoyed the new Black Sites, will you?

Album Premiere: Black Sites – Untrue

We get a glimpse at the minis of several contributors (it’s not the size of the word count, but rather the effective diction, that makes a review pleasurable):

Mini-Reviews From Around the Bowl (10/7/21)

Eenzaamheid drank the Rat Punch (the latest in a line of edgy flavors over at Koolaid headquarters):

Premiere: Rat Punch – “Riff City”

Ah, it feels good to be back in the nest. Smooth my downy feathers with your G/B/Us.

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