Riff-Raff Podcast: Ep.38 – Harpcore 2-Step


This week we’re talking new music from Obsequiae, Blut Aus Nord, Municipal Waste, Oksennus, Plague Pit, Runemagick, and Teeth—along with Blood Incantation crashing the fucken internet and Kit’s sneaky alien album stream, shootin’ hoops in the pit, shitting in your chain mail, spooky month on I Hope You Suffer, Power Rangers a capella solos, and other junk. Relax back into something vaguely resembling routine with us.

Last episode we played new music exclusively from bands starting with the letter C for some reason I refuse to remember. Maybe you’ll be able to work it out? Send your answers to someone else on Twitter.

Music Featured This Week:
Municipal Waste – ‘Wave Of Death’ from The Last Rager [EP] (out 11/10)
Obsequiae – ‘L’autrier m’en aloie’ & ‘Ceres In Emerald Streams’ from The Palms Of Sorrowed Kings (out 22/11)
Plague Pit – ‘Accursed Clay’ from Labyrinthine (out now)
Runemagick – ‘The Opening Of Dead Gates’ from Into Desolate Realms (out 25/10)
Blut Aus Nord – ‘Haallucinählia’ from Hallucinogen (out now)
Teeth – ‘Cretin’ from The Curse Of Entropy (out 29/11)
Oksennus – Paholaisten yö (out now)

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