Who is The Wrong One to Fuck With?


Dying Fetus are making their long awaited return with Wrong One to Fuck With, out June 23rd on Relapse. You need way more slamming death metal brutality in your life, so this should be very welcome news! There are very few details about the record right now. We’ve just got the release date, a few seconds of a teaser video, the cover art, and that amazing album title. Wrong One to Fuck With might be the most aggressively ignorant title since You Will Never Be One of Us. But who or what is the Wrong One to Fuck With? And why? With so little information to go on, I decided it would be a worthwhile exercise to imagine the entity that which should not be fucked with.

Wrong One to Fuck With drops June 23rd. Who else is the wrong one to fuck with? Let me know in the comments.

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