Toilet Radio 118: Gibson, Guitar Center, and the Guillotine


On this thrilling episode of Toilet Radio IT’S A CLOSING SALE AND EVERYTHING MUST GO! Your boys Joe and Breno are discussing the bankruptcy of Gibson Guitars and the impending bankruptcy of beloved gear retailer Guitar Center. Was it the declining popularity of guitar-based music that doomed the pair? Or was it the inherently destructive forces of vampire capitalism? Did boutique guitar manufacturers destroy our favorite store or was it Bain Capital? The pair lusts after obscure guitar pedals and dissects the innate desire in every guitarist to own the fanciest equipment, despite the fact that few people are terribly good at their instrument. Will you help us throw bananas at performers with extravagant setups? All of this and more on this week’s episode of Toilet Radio!

Music featured on this episode:
Dead Wretch – “Give Me Your Fucking Money” from Hug Division Dead Wretch

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