Premiere: Vaina – “ABOUT:BLANK”


If you’ve been having that hankering for a scoopful of weirdo black metal, today would be your lucky day—if Fate didn’t laugh at your face.

As it were, Vaina who hail from the soft soils of Finland, plays exactly that and are due an album in a couple of weeks, from which we have the privilege of sharing with you the second single. It’s called “ABOUT:BLANK” and it is an entirely instrumental piece of electronic music devoid of all black metal as the genre has become generally known, understood and regurgitated.

Well, that’s not entirely true. The electronic part which forms the song’s gloomy skeleton was played rather than programmed, as with some of the percussion. And technically, there’s both distorted, spoken word sections and harsher growls, so it’s not really an instrumental song either.

I do declare—it was not my intention to deceive you, my friends and compatriots, it was my desire to illustrate the stance “ABOUT:BLANK” takes juxtaposed to traditional black metal. On a lesser band’s album it would have been reduced to a mere interlude, but not here. It is a fully-fledged, anxiety-inducing composition standing on its own legs.

While I struggle to contain my eagerness to drag you headlong into ✥ FUTUE TE IPSUM ✥ angel with many faces’ world, you may content yourself with this song and ponder upon it as if it were the murkiest of orbs, and allow Vaina themselves to add:

The era of human life experience was one great void. The only thing that could be done was to flee from emptiness to another emptiness. Every time I arrived to a new instance of it, I had slight hopes to establish brightness there but ended up in cycle of just destroying any beacon of light.

✥ FUTUE TE IPSUM ✥ angel with many faces comes out on March 4th through Aesthetic Death. It is the project’s third album and was mastered by Greg Chandler. You can also stream another track, “I1”, a more black metal-oriented song, on their Bandcamp page. Remember to check up on Vaina and Aesthetic Death on the book of faces as well and say “Hi!” for us.


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