Let’s all listen to Deafheaven’s new record New Bermuda


Welcome to Thursday morning. One of the most talked-about metal records of the year is here for your listening pleasure.

Buttholes are like people with opinions about Deafheaven. Everyone has a butthole and an opinion about Deafheaven, and it’s generally not a very good or original butthole/Deafheaven opinion and maybe they should quit being such a stangry person with a butthole and an opinion about Deafheaven. Or something like that. Sunbather, the band’s second LP, caused a massive schism in the already venomous and hatred-filled Internet metalsphere. Will New Bermuda cause an even bigger shitstorm?

Based on what little I’ve heard, New Bermuda will eclipse Sunbather in every possible way. The first single “Brought to the Water” won me a Riff ov the Week victory and may have caused a co-editor to kill himself. Second single “Come Back” burns and gyrates until it stops on a dime for a sweet fuckin’ breakdown, then dives into a deep pool of crystal blue guitar lines. And next? Well, there are only three songs left on the album. Let’s listen to it together and try not to get irrationally angry at a band for making music. Especially when that band is fronted by the world’s most powerful wizard, Acclaimed Metal Vocalist George Clarke.

Courtesy of NPR (and their jank-ass proprietary media player), New Bermuda is streaming in full.


If you’re hungry for more reading material, check out this Pitchfork interview with the band for an enlightening look at their struggles with poverty and new-found success. It’s a damn fine read.

Clarke describes his predominant mindset back then thusly: “I’m a loser and I hate everyone.”

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