After Burner – Feast Of Fools: A Video Breakdown


It burns!

Sometimes…sometimes you find a music video that requires more than a few clever words to break it down. You find a video that needs eternally looping gifs so that the world, too lazy to click play out a Youtube video, can still enjoy it. That video is Dimmu Borgir’s “Interdimensional Summit”. Unfortunately, Joe already did a breakdown for it. Fortunately, another video came along that is equally as worthy of such treatment.

Today’s video is for the band After Burner. I don’t know anything about them other than, from the sounds of this song, it sounds like they listened to a Slayer song once. Judging by the A+ quality of this video, I don’t think I want to know anything about them. As a bit of a warning, the band’s video contains a bunch of real footage of people being hit by cars and assaulted. I won’t be giffing those clips, obviously. I also won’t feel bad goofing on these goobers.

Why yes, that would be a digital bullet ricocheting off his cymbal. That is one rough critic.


This would have looked less if ridiculous if they used actually beetles. Or members of The Beatles.
Either one.


Oh, look. Men’s Rights Activists.


This looks like it’s straight out of an asset-flipped first-person horror game on Steam that someone like Jim Sterling would absolutely rip apart.


Proof the moon landing was real. Checkmate, Alex Jones.


This is what happens when you look at your smart phone in bed for too long. By “this” I mean you make hilariously terrible music videos with MS Paint-quality effects, of course.


It’s a scientific fact that below the Earth’s crust is a thick layer of Orange Julius


All band members shown to scale.


I’m starting to question the artistic integrity of this music video.


You better believe this was on @MetalwoContext.


Listen to the Angry Video Game Nerds and get the knife.


And they all lived happily ever after. The end.

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