truth – H*CKIN METAL | Heavy Metal Kills: A Video Breakdown


Smokers are jokers, juuls are for fools

I don’t smoke. Whether it’s tobacco, marijuana, or mystery liquid that smells like cotton candy, it’s not for me. Beyond smelling lie and old casino carpet or a skunk’s rotting asshole, it’s just no good for you. Nicotine, carcinogens, all that fun stuff. The E-cig companies were smart by making their enigma juice an alternative to cigarettes and having it smell sweet. If you can smell passion fruit or rancid Phish fan armpit, you’re taking passion fruit. Of course, it’s not all puffs of mango guava smoke sucked from tiny robot dicks.

Vaping or juuling or whatever you want to call it is being cited as the cause for an increase of smoking among teens. Sure, it’s better than smoking cigarettes, but it’s still not good for you. Plus, e-cig pods are bad for the environment. Isn’t there anyone out there that can reach the youth of today to tell them the dangers of e-smoking?

Remember all those truth commercials that told you all about the dangers of smoking? Some were goofy. Some were scary. The anti-teen smoking campaign with their recognizable lower-case logo and orange color have recently turned their attention to e-cigs. Well, truth is here to drop some knowledge, heavy metal-style.


I didn’t know Attila was going to be in this video too.


Say hello to Psycho Las Vegas’s 2020 headliner.


When you kiss someone for the first time and didn’t know they’re a smoker.


“Find me that masked guitarist!” screams all the members of Nuclear Assault.


Your inner monologue.


Missed synergy opportunity by not using an Orange amp.



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