STREAM: Blackened‘s Truth Behind Destruction


We’re proud to premiere Truth Behind Destruction, the debut LP from Brazillian thrashers Blackened. You need to put this record in your eardrums.

FOLKS, things are tough all over. Politicians are corrupt as shit, we’re hovering on another Cold War with Russia, and our parents are collectively harshing our vibes. What we need most right this very minute is some stone cold throwback thrash metal.

Every instrument on Truth Behind Destruction is pitch-perfect vintage thrash. Just listen to the punch on the drums on “The Front Remains”! Marvel at the crunchy 80s guitar tone on “Into Lunacy”! Bang your head into a pile of gelatinous goo to “Stay Wasted”!

Blackened bring the metal with a fury. You’re gonna love this album.

Truth Behind Destruction drops tomorrow. Pick it up from Witches Brew, then go like Blackened on Facebook and type your best Portuguese at them.

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