Millions of Dead Posers is the best page on Facebook


Perhaps the dankest metal meme stash on Facebook.

Way back at the beginning of the year, I declared 2016 as the year of the violently aggressive meme. Wildly popular pages like Da Share Z0ne and Gangster Popeye use tuff guy skeleton images and a terrifying mish mash of typefaces to create absurd and occasionally poignant statements. For the socially awkward weirdos that follow these pages with gusto, there is now a page for violently aggressive memes about the various posers that inhabit the world of metal.

It’s a testament to the true-isms that Millions of Dead Posers spouts that in just two weeks of existence, the page has racked up almost 17,000 Facebook followers. For comparison, the Toilet ov Hell Facebook page was launched two and a half years ago and has a mere 3,000 (hint hint, love us you fucking jerks).

I’ve selected a small handful of my favorite posts from Millions of Dead Posers that do not oppose my personal tastes and preferences. Every one of these statements is 100% true and I will not hear any complaints to the contrary.

Meshuggah Sucks Trivium Sucks Nirvana sucks Dream Theater Fedora Rage Against Breathalyzer Tool Isnt Good

Tom Waits Sucks

Follow Millions of Dead Posers on Facebook and brace yourself for rustling.

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