Against All Odds, Butcher Babies Say Dumbest Thing Yet



It’s really difficult for me to see people say dumb shit and not want to scream to the heavens in protest. That happened this morning when I saw this headline:

Butcher Babies Give a Big Fuck You to the Music Industry

Which made me curious, considering the fact that this group basically was signed to a label before ever releasing an album and has been on huge tours since their conception. So what is it the music industry did to shun them?

Carla: “We started off playing on the Sunset Strip [in Hollywood], covered in blood and just having a great time. And then we realized that we were doing something — we were making some noise, people were watching…”

Typically, when a woman wears tape over her nipples and screams at you, she will have your attention. By all means, continue.Butcher Babies

“…So we started to write music that was important to us…”

Go on.

Added Heidi: “And we were doing what we wanted. You know, the thing is, so many times, especially as women in this industry, they try and tell you what you’re supposed to look like, sound like, act like — everything. So, for us, we went out there and defied those odds and kind of just gave a big ‘fuck you’ to the music industry, and it made noise, because we’re out there showing that it doesn’t matter where you came from, what you look like, your race, your gender, the typical stereotype — it doesn’t matter.”

Oh man! [sarcasm]It must be very difficult for two thin, white, visually appealing women to make it in an industry that favors thin, white, visually appealing women. I’m sure nobody wanted to market them, despite their ads being all over the internet. I’m sure nobody wanted to sign them to a label, despite their having been signed to one before anyone ever heard of them. I’m sure they worked really hard to write music, despite this being their music. Yes, it must have been very hard.[/sarcasm]

SeriouButcher Babesly, how is it possible to live in such a bubble? How is it possible for two women who have traveled the world to not realize that they are exactly what the music industry is looking for? Two white thin women with big breasts who like to wear very little clothing while screaming at people? It’s like some music executive grew them in a lab.

They’re possibly the most predictably successful creation since Lana Del Rey.

Ladies, do you know what would be difficult? Being a woman in the industry who doesn’t follow the rules that you so easily followed. Being fat, or black, or disabled. Anything different. Anything that literally is not you.

What is happening. Is this real life?


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