Butcher Babies – Monsters Ball: A Video Breakdown


Oh baby, baby. How was I supposed to know?

Hailing from Los Angeles, Butcher Babies gained attention from the metal world a few years back. Not so much for the music, but for their vocalists’ lack of wearing shirts. While the band features former members of Amen and Scars of Tomorrow, the real stars of the show are Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey. In the early days of the band’s career, these two comely ladies performed shirtless with black tape covering their nipples. Texas Hippie Coalition, take note.

In this day and age, you try to do whatever you can to gain attention, and it seems to have worked for them. The band is currently on a major metal label (Century Media) and they played Mayhem Fest in 2013. They ditched the tape, citing the desire to evolve to another look. What is this new look that you ask? Let’s see for ourselves.


0:01: Someone found Mudvayne’s old makeup case.
0:02: Holy shit, it’s zombie Davey Havok.
0:04: And his buddy, Meatloaf Face.
0:08: Oh, so this is what those hipster “adult proms” look like.
0:12: You know what they say: Nothing good happens in a club after 2am.
0:14: Ghetto Harley Quinn. Come on, those horns aren’t even canon.
0:15: Okay, that’s some pretty cool make up, you have to admit.
0:18: No! Not the apple juice!
0:19: He definitely caught a little bit of nostril with that lick.
0:25: Ugh. Demon bros. The worst.
0:31: The bartender looks like a chewed-up Salisbury steak.
0:37: She’s got those Betty Davis eyes…if Betty Davis was high on bath salts and Funions.
0:42: Wow, even Riff Raff from The Rocky Horror Picture Show is here.
0:44: Too much Watermelon Pucker for you, Riff Raff.
0:47: Who likes pastrami?!
0:52: No bartender should ever look that happy wiping down the bar.
0:56: That must be one of Hell’s lesser demons, Henryzuzu
0:59: Levity!
1:03: Now that’s some sweet choreography. 1 and 2 and eh fuck it.
1:12: She better not get her zipper wet or her face will rust.
1:16: That awkward stare either means she likes you or she’s trying to decide where to stash your body.
1:23: Is this a shot at Periphery?
1:27: Neo-thrash? I don’t know about that. Maybe Neo-widdily-diddly-burrrr-booow-bur-booooowww.
1:38: Gah! That’s not nightmare fuel. That’s a nightmare syringe jammed directly into your brain.
1:43: This evolution they’ve gone through must have Darwin spinning in his grave.
1:50: We need more bopping and hip popping in metal.
1:53: She’s got the greyscale! Don’t touch her!
2:01: See, this is why you don’t pick at your wounds.
2:05: Accurate recreation of a 7th grade dance.
2:08: Question: What do you do with a monster that has 3 balls?
2:10: Answer: You walk him intentionally to pitch to the zombie.
2:12: I really hope that’s supposed to be a cigar in his mouth.
2:23: Wow, they even have the Bear from The Bunny The Bear in this video.
2:30: The greatest show on Earth? Wait, this is The Sopranos.
2:39: Someone is going to have to throw out Meatloaf Face. He’s starting to turn.
2:55: Please let Ryknow know where his devil horns went.
3:00: It’s so nice to have visual aids when showing people what “regret” looks like.
3:09: Bounce ya fucks!
3:16: Bounce like you’re Aversions Crown!
3:29: You’d think a monster’s ball would have at least one ball pit.
3:31: Or just a bunch of demons suffering from gigantism.
3:36: Oh, man. She’s going to get her hair stuck in the zipper. That’s going to hurt so much.
3:44: Can’t stop bouncing, no you can’t stop bouncing.
3:54: And you can’t stop talking about monster balls.

Butcher Babies new album Take It Like A Man will be released on August 21, 2015 via Century Media.

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