Premiere: Paganizer – ‘Redemptionless’


Death metal domination.

Back in 2017, a bunch of us were exposed to have posed by being unfamiliar with the two-decade long career of Swedish death metal mainstays Paganizer. Fronted by HM-2 riffing workhorse Rogga Johansson, the band has toiled away on their Scandinavian stomping ground, releasing an album of crushing mid-tempo gear essentially every two years, and it just so happens that 2019 marks the release of their eleventh full-length, titled The Tower Of The Morbid.

Seems I mistakenly jumped the gun on declaring last weekend’s Riff Of The Week theme to be our Dan Seagrave Edition; if I had waited a couple of days, the main riff from today’s premiere track, “Redemptionless,” would have surely been a top contender. The song is a slow build of death-doom domination, replete with deft riff harmonisation and titanic tidal-like ebb and flow, all working towards the transcendent lead crescendo which leaves a remarkable impression in contrast with the churning riffage. Once you’ve finished banging away on today’s premiere, I’ll embed the other pre-release tracks below so you can head to Transcending Obscurity to pre-order in good faith, knowing your head will be thoroughly caved-in come November 1st.

The Tower Of The Morbid releases on November 1st through Transcending Obscurity Records
Bandcamp Pre-order | Webstore | Facebook

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