Ill Niño – Blood Is Thicker Than Water: A Video Breakdown


But is it thicker than Mountain Dew: Code Red?

Some of you may not know this, but Ill Niño are still around and putting out new music. Though the golden days of nu-metal have long since passed, Ill Niño have been consistently touring and putting out music over the past decade without any extensive gaps or breaks. That’s highly commendable and downright impressive when you consider how the metal community-at-large views their genre nowadays.

Ill Niño’s major-label debut album Revolution/Revolucion was a large success selling over 375,000 copies. Their follow-up Confession sold even better at over 500,000 copies. While times, trends, and tastes have changed since their heyday, Ill Niño have, for the most part, kept to their Latin-fueled metal sound. The band eventually found a home on Victory Records, joining fellow nu-metal stalwarts Taproot and Otep.

In 2014, the band released their seventh studio album Till Death, La Familia. Why do I bring this up? Because they just put out a music video for the album. In 2015. Yeah, I don’t know why, either. In any event, let’s take a look to see if it was worth the year-long wait.

0:02: Happy birthda…or, wait.
0:06: Beyond Digital Thunderdome
0:09: Did Ill Nino become a minimalist ambient project when no one was looking?
0:15: Dog is thicker than water.
0:17: Whoa, this took a dark turn rather quickly.
0:22: More like Enya Niño, amirite?
0:28: Invisible Melons strike again!
0:33: They certainly have a “flare” for the dramatic? Eh? Ehhh?
0:36: Oh, raspberries. This is getting more uncomfortable than sitting down at the pineapple factory.
0:42: You guys like lens flares? No? Tough croissants!
0:49: JJ Abrams is offended by all of this lens flare.
0:54: “Ugh! Google Maps is the worst!”
0:58: Candles provided by the clearance section in Target.
1:03: Ill Niño were never the same after Marc Rizzo took his backpack and left.
1:06: That backpack had all of their Pokemon cards in it.
1:08: Everyone knows searching at night is the best time for finding things.
1:14: The blurriness represents the blurriness in us all. I think.
1:22: “This is the last time I agree to do one of those surveys in the mall.”
1:25: Um, is their percussionist bleeding from his head?
1:30: “No tongues!”
1:39: The Saw movies are getting really lazy.
1:46: Is a plane about to land?
1:52: You know you’ve gone too far when the candles aren’t the brightest thing in the shot.
2:04: She’s the type of woman who sits right next to you on the bus even though there’s like 10 open seats.
2:07: And she totally stinks like onion soup mix.
2:16: A small part of me wants one of his dreads to catch fire.
2:21: Their drummer has the absolute best facial expressions.
2:30: Wearing your band’s shirt in your music video? Party foul!
2:34: They might come back to you if you remove your Chester Bennington lip ring.
2:40: “Hands up” means he’s feeling it. Or he’s airing out his armpits.
2:43: “Never going to grandma’s house again.”
2:54: House Of Wax didn’t require this many candles.
2:57: Circle takes the square!
3:04: This is the most intense game of tic-tac-toe I’ve ever seen.
3:11: Headbanging near that many open flames and you’re gunna get…OH GOD HELP! HELP! WATER! WAAAATTTEEERR!!!
3:22: Holy shit! Nekrogoblikon is in this video!
3:30: Not more Sad Satan. Not again!
3:31: Oh, sick! What part of “no tongues” don’t you get?
3:32: Hey, the Terminator is in this too!
3:41: “Sssssssssssssup, girl?”
3:50: She was made of fruit punch this entire time!
3:57: I hope she’s up to date on all of her shots.
4:08: Frederica Krueger.
4:17: Jeez, there’s still like almost 2 minutes left in this video.
4:27: Was this filmed on the set of Jurassic Park?
4:30: Dude’s going to swallow a lot of bugs shouting like that.
4:39: Go through the spooky door in the middle of the woods. Nothing bad will happen. I promise.
4:48: At least she won the blueberry pie eating contest.
5:00: “I once caught a fish this big.”
5:03: Hey, the crazy lady killed herself. Problem solved!
5:19: What, no one has a spotlight or something?
5:25: Thanks for nothing, Ill Niño. You guys didn’t even bother to look.
5:33: If your blood is thicker than water, consult your physician as you may be experiencing serious problems.
5:40: The bunny was in on it the entire time.
5:46: Gasp! Wait…they’re standing right there. The light is flashing right on her face. They’re just going to arrest her and toss her crazy ass in jail. Plan fail!

Ill Niño’s album Till Death, La Familia is out now via Victory Records.

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