Let’s Take A Look At The Synth Wave of Swedish Death Metal


Be the first one in your neighborhood to get into this Very New Thing before it’s run into the ground.

Synthwave’s fanbase would seem to intersect greatly with that of metal so it was only a matter of time until something like this would happen. Two self-proclaimed Swedish music legends, going only by the pseudonyms Morbid & Angel (Oh, I get it. I get jokes) have united caveman-like death metal – it’s bludgeoning riffs and deep growls, with uplifting synth melodies, a retrofuturistic tone palette and a beat more pulsating than metal bands are used to, on their debut single as Neonderthal DeathNeonderthal (Nightmare Begins) / Skeletal Brain. Their esteemed and acclaimed record label, Ektro, has called this combination both genius, and the ultimate form of music.

Good news everybody! We live in the age of The Internet, the graven image forbidden, the false idol through which you may partake in the worship of this ingenuity yourself. Without the need to acquire any additional, material goods and decide for yourself.

Personally I find it a fun idea, but, uh, better luck next time fellas. Especially the chug riffs seem ill fitting and not at all thought out. Keep at it or smth.

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