Bump N’ Grind: Terrorist and Absolute Contempt Records


Today we shine a fluorescent light on the work of one of our readers, Daniel Z. His grind band, Terrorist, just dropped their discography compilation on his new label, Absolute Contempt Records, and let me tell you, this thing is a doozy.

30 tracks. 43 minutes. Endless pain. That’s how you write a grind album. Post-Mortem is a non-stop tour de force that puts the punk back in grind. Most songs stay under the 2-minute mark, each an adrenaline shot of gritty, filthy, no-holds-barred fury. This release, the band’s final compilation of all of their recorded material, combines the harshest, nastiest song in Terrorist’s discography and just never, ever lets up. What’s most impressive about Post-Mortem, though, is the diversity and talent on display. Don’t believe me? Press play on the stream below.

Over the course of these 30 tracks, Daniel Z. and co. wear a diverse set of masks. Swirling distortion and gnarly divebombs characterize “Military Issue Cannibalism” and “Sugar and Spice”, the former featuring a deranged muted solo. Ponderous, concrete-pillar heavy doom riffs creep into earshot on “Eminent Disdain”. Booze-soaked hard-rockin’ bravado and punky antagonism pour from the veins on “What Kind of Terrorist” and “False Positives”, respectively. Shrieks recorded from the depths of hell emanate on “Dysphoria” and “Affirmation”, while a fuzz born straight from the Devil’s lettuce permeates the riffs on “Wordless Control”. The band stretch themselves well beyond the confines of grind with a tubular lead on “My Right” and a weird, morose noisy transition on the remix of “Affirmation”. Throughout the entire album, though, the band proves that it can blast, shred, and scream with the best of them.

If you never checked out Terrorist before, now is your chance. You can purchase Post-Mortem digitally on Bandcamp or physically via Dead Tank Records. Daniel also tells me that Halo of Flies should have the album sometime this week too, so keep your eyes glued to the band’s Facebook page for details.

Thanks, Daniel, for the killer submission. I look forward to scaring frat bros with this after the holiday season.

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